Well, this seems to be the winter to remember!  A historic December snow storm left a whopping 17 inches here in Easton and this weekend, Superbowl weekend no less, we got blasted again!  I measured about 18 or 19 inches of total snowfall here in Easton.  This makes last weekend’s storm seem like a drop in the bucket.  Personally, I don’t mind the snow, but as a business owner I hate it.  The bad weather has resulted in worse than usual sales during our slow season.  It’s beginning to feel like it only ever snows on the weekend!  I have to tighten our ordering and  scheduling to compensate for the decreased cash flow.  So please forgive me if we are out of your favorite obscure pasta shape.  It will return in due time, just like warm weather and sunny days.



Everyday we have something new, or so it seems.  Today I want to annouce the beginning of our prepared foods program!  A local chef has prepared a variety of Italian meals for you all to enjoy!  The menu changes every week and will always include an entree (with meat), a pasta option (or two), a soup and a fresh pasta sauce.

This week we have:

Sweet Italian Sausage and Sauteed Fennel over Parmesan Polenta

Quattro Formaggi Stuffed Shells with Tomato Sauce 

Gnocchi with Creamy Pesto Sauce 

Gnocchi with Alfredo Sauce

Vegetable Minestrone with Conchigliette

also available are:

Fresh Tomato Sauce

Parmesan Polenta

Look for the ready to go foods in our self-serve refrigerator– they are delicious!  And microwavable!


This week I am featured on the Gustiamo blog!  I had a nice conversation with Beatrice earlier this week about everything from my great-grandparents to private labeling.  You can read the announcement here.


I was also featured in the Sunday business section of the Star-Democrat, Easton’s local paper.  Here is the link, but you must register with the website to read the whole article for right now.  We are working on posting it to our website.



No, today wasn’t the big day, I was too busy yesterday to write a blog post!  We opened our doors on Tuesday and today we began selling deli items.  The delay on the weighed stuff was due to the fact that programming the scales and coordinating them with the POS computer was even harder than it sounds.  Last night I finally got one scale to work but the “back-up” scale is not formatting correctly.  I think.  Even though I transferred the same information to both scales, one understood and one did not.  That’s why it’s good to have a back-up.  


It took all weekend to stock the shelves and enter each item into the POS system.   DJ, the assistant manager, my mom and dad, Hiram, and I were here Saturday, all day Sunday, and Monday afternoon until very late.  By Tuesday morning everything was put away and people began wandering in.  The store next to us was having a sale so it gave us a lot of exposure and foot traffic.  Everyone seemed excited by the store and many had already known we were here.  Others asked when we had opened, thinking that they haven’t been in the Talbot Town shopping center lately, and we were proud to answer that we had only been open for a few hours!





I am still waiting on the light for our bread case, the wiring is there but the light hasn’t been installed.  It hasn’t stopped us from using it!  We have bread!  I love this bread cabinet, the shelves allow the crumbs to fall down to the bottom of the cabinet for easy cleaning and the dowels are unvarnished so hot pans or bread can be directly placed on the shelves!  When we were designing the store I asked for a dry case to be made, I wanted to model it after the one at Marlow & Sons.

Here is theirs, it’s a little different:


Now please come visit us, we are open for business and we are taking suggestions.

What a comforting sight!  This morning I received our first delivery of refrigerated foods!  Everything looks and smells so good, it was comforting to work with food again.  Truth be told, I have been working indirectly with food for a couple months, and I have been (literally) surrounded by cases of odorless, shelf stable foods but I haven’t bothered to unpack them.


We received several types of salame, some speck, mortadella, pancetta, pepperoni, proscuitti, and mascarpone…just for starters!