I’m sure that you’ve noticed that asparagus has reappeared in supermarkets, some imported from Peru or shipped from California.  I don’t think that locally grown asparagus is here yet but as the weather warms it’s what we all want.

I was over at 2 Amys last week and I noticed that one of their specials was asparagus with saba.  I didn’t order it but I knew that I wanted to try to make it at home.  I bought some asparagus and inaugurated the grill with it. The asparagus only takes a few minutes on both sides– just leave it on a medium fire until it’s a little charred but not burnt.  I drizzled the whole lot with saba and olive oil, sprinkled it with salt and that was it.  So good, so spring and so easy.

Saba is the base of what is aged to become Basamico Tradizionale di Modena.  It’s earthy, deep and sweet.