October 2008

Before we open, we need to have a sign made for the building (this is just one of many things that need to happen before we open but that’s not a fun blog entry).  We would love to have a huge sign that people can read from down the block.  It would be really great if we had a sign that was big enough to give people a chance to re-read it a couple of times and realize that it says “PIAZZA” not “PIZZA”.  However, there is a law in Easton against this kind of sign and we must obey the law.  

Easton requires that our sign must be less than or equal in area to the width of the store.  There was some misunderstanding on my part for a good three or so weeks about this, I thought that the sign couldn’t be taller in inches than the store was wide.  I’m just glad that’s all cleared up now because now we realize that the sign can be any shape, unconstrained by height!  It was pretty silly that I thought they meant height…  

This is a photoshop-ed image of our store with a brand new sign!


Our store is not making headlines in the newspaper but the news is affecting us.  I have applied for small business credit cards and have been denied all over town.  The problem is that our credit record is blank; we have no annual income so far and have been a business for less than 6 months.  Maybe a year ago creditors would have looked at our blank record with optimism.  Today, they do not see potential for our business, the glass is half-empty.  

Luckily, a credit card is not absolutely necessary for us to complete our store but, it does mean that we must make some changes in our scheduling of purchases.  Ugh, it just makes everything a little more difficult and you know, it’s depressing to be denied credit, even if it’s understandable given the current conditions.


Finally, some good news to share with you all– On Monday morning I went to the Town Office and picked up our Building Permit (and wrote a $687 check for processing, I already paid $200 just for the application…)!! YEAH!!!!! Let the demolition begin! I went into the store today and not only is demolition almost done but the electricians were already getting to work. We may meet our target schedule after all!