We are getting closer to being finished with construction, for comparison, this top photo was taken on November 18th.  None of the lights are installed, the floor is unfinished and the cabinets have been brought in, but they are not set in place.  Those bars coming off from the landing are going to support a long wooden shelf.


 The picture above was taken on November 28th, the day after Thanksgiving.  You can see that there is brown paper on the floor indicating that the tile has been installed, most of the cabinets are in place, and the lights have been installed.  All the equipment has arrived, the shiny thing on the back wall is actually a self-serve freezer and refrigerator.


Today, December 3rd part of the top cabinet on the left wall was installed.  We had to wait to install this set of shelves because there is a marble counter separating the bottom and top cabinets.  You’ll see.  


Here is another view from today, the marble tops have been set on the window cabinets and the track lights are being installed above.  


The track lights and the cabinets were a couple of good things from today but I had a bit of bad news, too.  I found out that there wasn’t enough marble at our fabricator in Easton to finish our upstairs bar, meaning I had to go up to Baltimore to pick a couple new slabs to match the ones we’re already using.  It was annoying but going to the stone yard is kind of cool:  


The space seems much bigger than the picture suggests, each of the slabs there is taller than me (although I’m not that tall) and there are a couple of grabby things that move the slabs around very slowly.  Walking among the stones is mildly perilous, it’s like being in a maze designed by Richard Serra, being surrounded by all these beautiful things that could crush you.  And they leave you there, unattended, and you have to find your way back out again.  Today I told the guy that even though I had been there before I wanted him to walk me to the White Venatino section so that he would remember that I was in there in case I got lost.  


Another cool thing about going to the stone yard is that you can look at their relief map of Tuscany.  It’s a good area to show in relief, it sure is bumpy!