Last week the Campionate Mondiale di Pizza was held in Salsomaggiore, Italy.  Participants come from around the world, as pizza has become an internationally loved food, but the US team is a strong force!!  So is team Sicilia, pictured at the left.

There are several categories in which pizzaioli battle it out:


– Classic Pizza Dough
– Classic Pan Pizza
– Presentation
– Napoletan Style S.T.G.
– No gluten Pizza


– The fastest Pizza
– The Largest Pizza
– Free Style Pizza
– Acrobatic Team
and Special Award (I’m not sure what this one means)

acrobatic competition

acrobatic competition

The US team seems to take home the “fastest” and “largest” prizes, the Japanese focus on winning the “acrobatic” prizes and the Italians concentrate on the “traditional” and “Napoletan” prizes.

You really must see these guys in action, they are all amazing!!  The end of the video has some unbelievable acrobatics shots, at one point there are three guys spinning dough in unison like a step team!  Team USA has an excellent website, please check it out here.