amedei-1As promised, the chocolate from Tuscany has arrived and just in time for Valentine’s Day.  We have boxes of Pralines (shown above) in 5 and 16 pieces as well as boxes of 12 single origin bite-size sqaures.  Amedei is the name to remember here, the creation of two dedicated people in love.  The company has been making chocolates for 19 years so they have found their classics like dark chocolate with cinnamon and milk chocolate with orange & walnuts.  Each box of pralines comes with a beautiful tasting menu and a suggested tasting sequence.  


Just for the spirit of the holiday, Amedei affixed little pink ribbons to each of the praline boxes:


I am sitting next to a fragrant box of these guys and it is driving me crazy!  They look beautiful, they smell beautiful and I don’t want to share them!!  How will I make it until Saturday???

We also have the sliding boxes of Napolitains which contain two squares of single origin chocolate from six different plantations.  I don’t have my own picture of these but here is one from the Amedei website:


Each chocolate is plain, 70% cacao but they are so different from each other.  Some chocolates taste like allspice and nutmeg, another may taste like mushrooms and coffee!  This is definitely a fun gift, it is the ultimate chocolate tasting in the style of a wine tasting.  You will be hunting for adjectives and making flavor associations that may surprise you.  A ‘cru collection’ helps me appreciate my chocolatier because it shows how hard they work to balance and smooth out those crazy flavors to find their signature blend.  

I can hardly wait until Valentine’s Day!