Things are coming together, cabinets are fitting with marble tops and the tile floors, the trim is snug with the walls, the construction is wrapping up.  I brought in all the equipment over a week ago but I left it in boxes because there was still a lot of dust around and work wasn’t really done.  I didn’t want to damage anything.  After we cleaned up at the end of last week I unwrapped the scales, the panini presses and the slicers.  I was worried about there being enough electrical outlets in all the cubbies, but they’re all there, I worried that the refrigerators wouldn’t fit into their inlets but they do, everything worked out except for the slicers.  Somehow they were overlooked!  Really, it is my fault, but they just don’t fit on the counters!  They are medium-duty scales, 1/2 HP, 12″ blade but their bases are slightly big for their class.  Originally I picked Berkel slicers with the same power profile and those were the specs I submitted to Hugh Boyd, our architect.  Hugh checked the size of those and knew that they would fit on 24″ counters.  For whatever reason, I decided to switch to the Univex brand.  I did not realize how tight that counter space is or how big the slicer was so I didn’t bother to check either measurement.  Stupid!!  Another lesson learned.  

behindcounter2You can see that we’re off by about an inch and a half.  The best solution so far is to silicone glue additional pieces of marble to the top of that undercounter refrigerator (which sticks out from the cabinets) so that it equals the height of the existing counter and have the new marble butt up against the counter top as seamlessly as possible.  I’m already convincing myself that this is going to be better than the thing that was supposed to happen there, the marble was supposed to extend more right there so that it could cover that refrigerator.  This new idea gives the slicer more support!  I’m feeling much better about my mistake right now but not totally convinced.  I’ll feel better when I can see that the solution is really seamless and looks planned…to others.