Piazza Italian Market is owned and operated by Emily and her dad, Jeff.  About ten years ago Jeff started an online store for fine Italian olive oils, olio2go.com.  The business has done well since then but it was time to make the next step.  About 7 years ago Jeff and Donna bought a weekend house outside Easton, Maryland where there are no gourmet Italian stores.  Tired of having to remember to bring specialty items out to the house every weekend, the idea of a new store in Easton was born.  After all, Easton is home to several Italian restaurants, it seemed like the right time to equip their patrons with the ingredients to cook similar high quality Italian foods at home.  So here we are, trying to make the idea a reality.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Susan Lumpkin Says:

    Very nice article and pictures, I really enjoyed the tour so far. Looking forward to seeing the new store. Will you have Christmas items this year? Is there a date for your grand opening?

  2. Susan Lumpkin Says:

    Will you have sandwiches?
    I’m hungry.

  3. Gail Greco Says:

    Brava, Bravo Emily and Jeff:

    Piazza Italian Market is another way to gather the experiences of Italy right here in Talbot county. I’m currently living and working in Sarasota, FL, but I’ll be back in early spring and can’t wait to see your shop. Grazie, grazie and buona fortuna.

    Ciao a presto, Gail

  4. Cameron Johns Says:

    Great blog about the business of. . . starting a business. It’s been very interesting reading and I’m guessing that you’re still in business now and that things are going OK, since you have actually blogged this month 🙂
    I’m in Australia (yeah, sunshine & beaches) however, today being easter Saturday it’s becoming cloudy with probable rain in Sydney (it’s now very much Autumn here).
    I was wondering how you promote yourself locally and to your potential clientele as Easton seems to be a middle to upmarket area? However every time I search for businesses for sale on the web, Easton always comes up? Usually restaurants and bakeries (there is apparently a place making an “Aussie” meat pie that’s for sale) so the area would seem to be extremely competitive, that’s why I’m asking?
    I’m personally very into marketing, what people do and how they do it interests me greatly.

    Hope the business goes well whether you reply or not and make sure to have a great day whatever you’re doing,


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