Well, this seems to be the winter to remember!  A historic December snow storm left a whopping 17 inches here in Easton and this weekend, Superbowl weekend no less, we got blasted again!  I measured about 18 or 19 inches of total snowfall here in Easton.  This makes last weekend’s storm seem like a drop in the bucket.  Personally, I don’t mind the snow, but as a business owner I hate it.  The bad weather has resulted in worse than usual sales during our slow season.  It’s beginning to feel like it only ever snows on the weekend!  I have to tighten our ordering and  scheduling to compensate for the decreased cash flow.  So please forgive me if we are out of your favorite obscure pasta shape.  It will return in due time, just like warm weather and sunny days.


Welcome to the Piazza Italian Market blog!  This blog was created to document the set-up of the store.  In January of 2008, my dad and I decided to open a specialty Italian grocery store in Easton, Maryland.  

Easton is the commercial hub of the Eastern Shore and we wanted to be right in the heart of its downtown.  When we were looking around for sites we wanted to be near the historic district but we wanted convenient parking access.  I thought that TalbotTown Shopping Center would be the ideal location.  The presence of the News Center bookstore and Cafe was very important to me.  I think it’s a fixture in the community and I’m glad that now I can walk over there whenever I want!