This past Wednesday the 18th was our Talbot County Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting ceremony!!  It was a big success, lots of people came, we had lots of great food and most importantly, I got to use the big scissors!!!


The scissors are really heavy, no wonder we don’t have those hanging around all the time.


Look at the cute red, white and green balloons that Hopkins Sales donated to us!  That was such a good idea.  Thank you!

Mike Gardner came, a librarian from the Easton Public Library came (and gave me a book), Bobbi Parkett came from Simpatico, Kathy Hanna from Easton Main Street was there, Tim Casgar from Miles & Stockbridge sent us umbrellas, Carla Cronin from Easton’s Promise, Karin Baker from Claybaker’s on Washington St., Giancarlo Tondin from Scossa came…

Catherine made zeppole in honor of St. Joseph’s day, we had 2 or three kinds of bruschetta, biscotti, fruit, Taleggio, Piave, coppa, and salami!!