This Tuesday I was flown out to Cleveland to attend EuroUSA’s food show.  EuroUSA is one of my food distributors out here in Easton, even though their local office is in Sterling, Virginia.  I guess that EuroUSA racks up airline miles transporting their fresh fish and that was how I was able to be on an airplane from BWI with 13 other people serviced from the Sterling office.  The Euro show was fun, I got to meet other people who buy the same products that I do; the cheese buyer for Dean & Deluca in Georgetown, the deli buyer for Arrowine, the owner of the Atwater cafes in Maryland, the owner of a natural food store that has been open for 5 months, a buyer for Balducci’s, and the food buyer for the Curious Grape in Shirlington, Virginia, Massimo Fabbri the executive chef at Tosca and Mateo Venini the chef at Posto (both are in DC).  In Brooklyn, I knew many of the local buyers and chefs because they would shop at the Bedford Cheese Shop but in Easton I don’t get many visitors who run stores like mine so that was a treat. 

Let’s get down to it, I had some good food at this show.  I was able to try foods that I have seen on the product list but have not ordered, anchovies with chili flakes, salami from Colombus, pate from Fra’ Mani, a young artisanal Asiago, new tortas from Ines Rosales (which you will certainly see soon), rolls from Tribeca Ovens, goat milk butter, and truffle salami from Creminelli.  I discovered that EuroUSA is selling great Italian wines in Ohio and they are working on their Maryland liquor lisence.  I guess I should have given you the live update via twitter, but I’m old fashionedd and I made you all wait for the blog post.