applicationYou may have seen the enormous sign in our window– really, you can’t miss it– it says that our application has been submitted in full and we are quietly waiting for our May 11th court date to roll around. Before you know it we will be able to sell Italian wines, beer, and spirits!! Our staff will be able to give precise pairing suggestions!! We will not fall prey to the young police cadet attempting to fool us into selling booze to his under-age self, like so many other local businesses have. His ID will be checked because we are all women here and we like to know the names of our cute customers. No, we will not relinquish our hard-earned right to sell alcoholic beverages. After all, it has been a 5 month process!!!  Fingers crossed.  My beer distributor rep told me not to worry if our application is protested that day, he said there is a lady who protests all applications and they all pass without a hitch.  I hope that is true.  I have had so many of our customers ask if we sell wine.  Just to set the record straight, we applied for an “off-sales” license meansing that the alcohol cannot be consumed on the premises with the exception of tastings.  A tasting is a no more than 2 ounces, not to total more than 8 ounces per person and snacks must be available.  I am TAM certified, I know these things.