Sardinian Honey produced by Liccu Manisu, Piazza will stock the Corbezzolo and Asphodel varieties (Asphodel, or King’s Spear, is a flower-bearing plant similar to the lily)


On Thursday I went to the Mela Grande to pick up two orders for the store, one order was placed with Gustiamo.  Gustiamo imports very high quality foods from Italy to their warehouse in the Bronx where they operate both as wholesalers and online retailers.  Because the store isn’t open yet (Dec. 5th, everyone!!) I had the time to make the trip myself and I am so glad that I did!  

The people behind the scenes at Gustiamo are so knowledgeable and kind, I can’t understand why buyers don’t visit their distributors on a regular basis.  I had so much fun!  I showed Beatrice our website and she offered movie advice.  I added items to my order that I hadn’t thought I would like because Antonio gave me SAMPLES and they were DELICIOUS.  Sold!  I hope you will like them as much as I did!


Grated Tuna Bottarga from the esteemed Tre Torri seafood company, used for finishing pastas, pizzas or just on buttered toast to impart a distinct salinity.


From the famous cafe hidden behind the Pantheon in Rome, near the church of the same name, is the Sant’Eustachio Coffee, available at Piazza as whole beans or chocolate-covered.  Real Simple recently recommended this coffee as a gift suitable for anyone.